BYDO Academy is a comprehensive digital platform for students that offers numerous educational services. With the help of latest technology, BYDO Academy has made learning easier and more effective than ever before. Providing this kind of effectiveness of learning and feasibility was never possible for a physical coaching centre.

This app represents a vast platform that has been divided into 3 main modules.

1. Social Media for teachers and students:

This module is the heart of our platform. It has been designed to establish seamless communication between teachers and students. Students can post their problem anytime, from anywhere. Our experienced teachers are always ready to answer. Other students also can watch and participate in the discussion. This kind of collaboration will increase the feasibility of active learning among the students. And this module is totally FREE for all students!

2. Digital Coaching Module:

This module contains various coaching program for students of different classes (i.e. Engineering Admission, University Admission, HSC). The classes are pre-recorded. Over the last one year, we have recorded the lectures taken by some of the most experienced teachers available. All the lectures are cataloged in a way that finding a specific topic is just a few clicks away. Every lectures contains a Question-Answer section. Students can ask the relevant lecturers any problem they face to fully understand the topic. Our helpful teachers are always ready to help in each and every step of your learning.

3. Teacher Hiring Module:

Hiring top rated and experienced teachers from remote corners of Bangladesh was never possible. You will get here a vast number of teachers online. Their ratings and reviews from other students are included with their profile. So, you can always choose the right teachers as per your need. You can hire them monthly, daily, even hourly basis.

We have also included a full module of video calling system in the app specially designed for flawless online classes. So, you don’t need to switch on any third party app.